Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Little Mister!


We are so excited to announce that our new addition is a BOY! When I went in for my ultrasound I told the tech that we wanted it to be a surprise so he wouldn't tell us. Everything went well as he looked over the baby from head to toe and showed us all 10 fingers and toes! Seeing those little hiccups on the screen made me so happy! He was quite the little mover! 

My wonderful husband got everything ready for the big surprise reveal, he knows how much I LOVE surprises and I could not wait!!! After a bit of rain (which explains my hair situation) we were able to get some amazing shots to share with our family and friends! These photos really make my heart leap. The surprise was well worth the wait! 

Our son Joey is beyond excited and did not stop talking about all the stuff he was going to show and teach his new little brother...including that he now had someone to clean his room for him! He also suggested that we name him Mordecai- We told him we would think about it! When we were doing our reveal we wanted Joey to be so much apart of it and after we saw the balloons he wanted to do it again!  I just know Joey is going to be the best big brother and little helper ever!                                                                     

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