7 weeks in and I have yet to get “sick,” I feel nauseous at times or like I have a ball in my throat but thankfully nothing worse! No cravings thankfully, I just cant look at food sometimes! Last pregnancy I had hardly any symptoms so this time its definitely different!
11 weeks I am sad to say that today I wanted a Whopper so bad I thought I might cry if I wasnt able to get one! Im going to assume this was my 1st craving! Nothing up till now so it was out of the blue…sadly we arent close to a BK so I did had the closest thing…This was my first taste of Mcds in forever…I loved it!
12 weeks and the nausea has passed for the most part! Some days I feel it but nothing like before. Now my only problem is my allergies! They are killing me. I wake up thru out the night with headaches and congestion…which carries on into the day. Im trying to find different ways of sleeping and such to cure this….no such luck so far!

17 weeks  My allergies have finally cleared up a bit! No more headaches and only slightly congested. I'm so glad. I have also had more energy this last week and enjoyed it by spending my days at the beach! The perks of living on an island!

Since my allergies cleared up (or I just got used to them) I haven't experienced any other feelings of nausea or congestion. Hopefully it continues! Being pregnant, uncomfortable, tired AND SICK would not be fun!