Friday, March 30, 2012

16 Weeks

Weeks total: 16
What's new:  FINALLY getting some energy back!
Food cravings: None...Eating a lot of yogurt though!
Stretch Marks: None.
What I miss: A day where my allergies aren't bothering me!
Baby moves: None yet.
Sickness: Nope!
Sleep: Getting my 8 hours!
Rings: On
Mood: Happy!
Gender: Unknown

Saturday, March 24, 2012


For the past 6 months I've been searching garage sales for furniture to refinish and add to our home. Within the last month I have found 3 pieces that I will hopefully get a makeover to fit the baby's nursery. Ill post my before photos and hopefully get some ideas of what Id like to do with them! The possibilities are endless...Even on this tiny island! Ive been leaning more towards the grey/white/yellow color scheme (since Im so impatient when it comes to waiting to see what were having) and this would be perfect for either gender! Who knows...every time I look at pinterest I get more ideas and change my mind!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Modern baby

I recently bought one of these bad boys for our new addition. This has been on my "baby wish list" since before we started trying! The 5 settings it offers mimic actual movements parents make- no crazy fast swinging or random shaking! There is also an ipod hookup, reclining options and speed settings that make having this 1 product worth the hefty price is also worth all the other random baby machines we now DONT have to purchase. I cannot wait to put this to use! Now Im in search of a stroller...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

14 Weeks

Weeks total: 14
What's new:  Definitely a more noticeable stomach ...especially at the end of the day! It is also harder!
Food cravings: Chocolate cake!
Stretch Marks: None.
What I miss: 8hrs undisturbed Sleep!
Baby moves: Not yet.
Sickness: Finally none!
Sleep: Much better this week
Rings: On
Mood: Happy/moody...depends!
Gender: Unknown
{And once we get this chalkboard hung in its permanent spot Ill be so very happy!}

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Photo op!

For our announcement photos I knew there was only one person I would want taking them! Roxie took our family photos for our Christmas cards last year and once I found out I was expecting Roxie and I started brainstorming ideas on how I would tell everyone! These are a couple from the session. She is so talented and knows just how to capture the perfect shot! I wouldn't want anyone else taking them!                                                       

13 Weeks

Weeks total: 13
What's new:  My allergies...they are driving me crazy! On a good note our dog Marley is here...more incentive to continue my morning walks!! (a bit of her is seen in the photo)
Food cravings: A good burger! Living overseas makes having a craving so much worse! I cant have what I want when I want it!
Stretch Marks: None.
What I miss: Sleep!
Baby moves: Not yet.
Sickness: Meat.
Sleep: Not thru the night...Tossing and turning, hot and cold!
Rings: On
Mood: Groggy...My allergies have been really bad this week! Every morning I feel like my face is being weighed down. 2 showers a day and still no relief!
Gender: Unknown

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Guess What!

Today we announced that we were expecting! All of the amazing words of love we have received are so heartwarming! It’s been a LONG 13 weeks and I am glad I can share our news and all the fun things to come! Here is the photo we used to announce.
Photo courtesy of Roxie Photography.