Wednesday, July 18, 2012

32 Weeks

Weeks total: 32
What's new: Went in for my 32 week appointment and the doctor says Im measuring big! Had a scan done and every part of the baby is measuring over a week ahead. I don't know if i should be excited he's big and healthy or scared because he's so big! :) 
Food cravings: None
Stretch Marks: None
What I miss: Is school a good one? I've notice I dont have as much patience as I once had! Ill be very happy once my son starts school and has all of his friends to play with!
Baby movement: Up high and down low!! 
Sickness: None
Sleep: Ive been trying to do more yoga before bed and that has definitely been helping my back through the night!
Rings: On
Mood: So happy
Gender: Baby boy

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