Tuesday, May 29, 2012

25 Weeks

Weeks total: 25
What's new: Energy out the whazoo! I've been cooking, baking and exercising! I have the energy to cook a new recipe, clean it up then get the urge to bake something right after! Anyone that knows me knows I HATE to bake. I love this new side of pregnancy! (Ive also noticed an increase in my tan! The perks of living on an island I guess!)
Food cravings: Sushi...whats new!
Stretch Marks: None
What I miss: Not having something jamming me in my ribs all day! 
Baby movement: So much, he baby is quite the night owl!
Sickness: None
Sleep: All night long...(Yes, Im singing the song!)
Rings: On
Mood: Happy! 
Gender: Baby boy

(I just realized it looks like Im wearing the same stuff as last week...Im not. )

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