Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lovin' it!

1. Julep! I am so in love with this line of nail products. I receive my box once a month and its like Christmas {especially when they send chocolate} The colors are tailored to my specific personality and can be changed up at any time! 
2. Nivea lip balm. My lips have been so dry lately! Could be that I keep by house at a breezy 60 degrees! This leaves a nice clear tint that looks great and feels even better!
3. My ridgebacks. We just adopted another one this past week. Misty is getting along with our family perfectly and I am loving that she gets to know and watch our family grow along with us!
4. Keurig. She is always there for me. Whether its that 5am morning coffee or 3pm cup of tea- I can always count on her to make the perfect cup!
5. Silhouette burner by Scentsy. I burn one a day thru out the day and love how it wakes me up! It can feel like winter one day and summer the next!
6. Julep hand scrub and brightener. Makes my skin feel refreshed and hydrated!

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